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Unlike other Notified and Certification Bodies, Medcert focuses exclusively on medical devices. Specializing in the medical device and healthcare industry, Medcert has been operating since the inception of the European regulatory framework for medical devices. Its locations in Europe, North America and Asia provide customers with local competence and the synergy of its global network.


Certification. Medical Only.

Experienced Experts.

Medcert’s seasoned staff has long term industry experience and certifies even highly innovative and complex products. Constantly looking to add additional resources to its organization, Medcert is proud of its low attrition rate. Medcert auditors are knowledgeable, reliable, objective, and fair.

Competent Support.

Lean structures, direct communication, and dedicated resources ensure that all certification related questions are answered in a timely manner. All employees deal exclusively with medical device related subject matter. Medcert auditors listen carefully to fully understand every customer.

Transparent Respectability.

Every project is unique and challenging. Medcert’s process helps avoid roadblocks at certification. Also, services provided are truly needed and meaningful, not burdensome certificate bundles or fast-tracking. Plus, Medcert keeps customers informed and publishes prices and fees.